My Story

“There is no path you could not walk. There is no door you could not open.”

I’m Marianna Zaikova – an adventure athlete, self-developer, environmentalist, and a motivator who wants to inspire you to realize your dreams and contribute to making the world a better place to live in for all of us.


My portfolio portrays me as an athlete, an adventurer, a model, a speaker and a life coach. Here you will see in pictures, who I am and what I represent.

If you wish to use these photos, please contact me and let’s agree on the details.

Run while you can -blog

In my blog I tell you about my life as an ultra runner and an adventure athlete. I give you insights to my training and races.

I also openly share my values as an environmentalist and a supporter of animal rights with my readers.

I write honestly about my real expriences.

Through my blog you get to go on an amazing journey that reveals my challenges and successes as an adventure athlete. My running adventures will take you to the most incredible landscapes around the world.

Past and future adventures

Take a look into my adventures!

You will find all my past and future adventures from here. Here I have gathered compilations of the races I have taken part in. Here I also add my future races as I plan them.



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